How to Find High Payout Affiliate Programs to Promote

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Reasons Why Many Affiliate Marketers Fail Online 

One of the biggest reasons people don’t make a lot of money online is because of lack of keyword research or doing keyword research the wrong way. Many people get excited when they see a keyword getting 100,000 searches per month. However, most of the time these types of keywords are either too competitive or are just not profitable, meaning the traffic that comes in is not “buyer” traffic.

You can waste a lot of time writing content and creating backlinks only to find out that the keyword you are targeting is never going to bring you any sales.

It can be hard to predict whether a keyword is going to be profitable or not, so the following article I am going to break down exactly how you can up your chances of ranking for profitable keywords bringing you “buyer” traffic and visitors with their credit card in their hand.

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Tips to Succeed Online with Niche Affiliate Marketing

When you are looking to make the most money possible in niche affiliate marketing with minimal effort, then I always prefer to have 10 campaigns paying me $300 per month rather than 100 campaigns paying me $30 each. Therefore, I always seek for the highest paying products to promote, even if I am promoting Amazon products.

Since Amazon stocks pretty much every product you can think of, you could start off by just listing out 10 of the highest priced items you can think of.

Types of products with high price could include hoovers, microwaves, treadmills and so on. Within each of these product types, there are product names. Searching for “product names” is where we want to invest our time.

How to Get the Highest Converting Traffic

A searcher that is typing into Google “how to lose weight”, is less likely to buy straight away and you will see less conversions. These types of phrases are great for building a list and growing an audience in a blog. However, if you would like to see immediate sales from low traffic volume then it is a good idea to target “product name” keywords.

Products names are where the most money is to be made and you will likely see the highest conversion. This is because if someone is search for “atkins diet reviews” then it is more likely they are ready to buy. They are in buying mode.

How to Find Highest Payout Affiliate Offers

You can find high payout products by promoting products found on Amazon. Just make sure you promote the high ticket items.

When promoting Amazon products it is a good idea to promote products above $300 because the payout is approximately 6% commission.

So, 6% of $300 = $18 commission, which is the minimum I would want to be paid.

You can find good products to promote that are getting raving reviews by simply heading over to the Amazon best sellers list.

Or you can brainstorm some ideas. To make this easy for you, I have listed below a few ideas that I came up with.

  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Treadmills
  • Microwaves
  • Coookers
  • Watches
  • Engagement Rings
  • Cameras
  • Televisions
  • Laptops

You can also use Consumer Reports to find ideas for products.

They also have a forum that you can search through to find discussions on new releases and popular products.

For this example I am going to take a look at Vacuum Cleaners. If you click on “Appliances” and then “Vacuum Cleaners”.

Consumer Reports

Image Screenshot:

If you wish to sign up you can, but I normally just head on over to “Price & Shop”. You are then presented with a list of Vacuum product names.

02 - Consumer Reports

I normally start with the higher priced products. Once you find a product category, you need to find “Product Names” to promote.

03 - Consumer Reports

Then you can do some indepth traffic analysis using the Google Keyword Tool

04 - Keyword Research

The search volume is ok. Anything above 100 exact match searches is good for a “product name” keyword, but I normally prefer to target “product review” style keywords and make sure they are above 100.

So if you look beneath this product, you can see other keywords. If there is nothing there with good search volume then I will move on.

In this case there was nothing there, so I move on to the next product.

05 - Keyword Research

This is low search volume, but again I scrolled down to see if there are any other similar products getting higher search volume for “product review” style keywords.

05 - Keyword Research

This is good volume search volume for a product related keyword. The local search trend is also consistent and rising, which means there is recent active search volume.

Now I will check the price, availability and customer reviews on Amazon.

07 - Keyword Research

The price is high and there is available stock. There is also a 4 Star rating with 62 customer reviews, which means it is a popular product that will convert.  It also means we can grab some of the testimonials to include within our review later on.

Now we just need to check the amount of competing pages in Google search by searching for the keyword in “quotation.”  Anything below 10,000 results is excellent when starting out.

This is not perfect, but it gives me a good estimate of whether to attack a niche.  You can also check the competition of the top 3 sites ranked at the top (search without quotations) to see how many backlinks you may need to create.

If you use a Web 2.0 site to post your review on (like I teach in my course) then you likely wont need as many backlinks to your page and will rank a lot quicker.

08 - Competition

As you can see from the above, there are 7,170 competing pages, which is perfect.  Another good sign is that there are many people advertising for this keyword, so a good sign there is money to be made.

So there you have it, we have found a “product review” keyword that has good search volume, low competition and a solid commission payout.

This could be at least $100 dollar income stream per month. :)

For a step by step guide on what to do next with this keyword, and for more ways to find products to promote, check out my course here.

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